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Milkfarm Albert in Scheßlitz near Bamberg

CowMilk is not only an important basic food and popular drink but also base for a lot of  other food. She shows a unique nutrient spectrum, is rich in vitamins, proteins and trace elements. The everyday consumption of milk and milk products within the scope of a diverse and full alimentation is expressly recommended.

Milk is a life basis, and represents a continuous challenge for us. With many years of experience in dealing with fresh milk and constant advancement of the technologies and the high-class management we turned into a modern and innovative company. In cooperation with our producer`s companies, employees and partners we re-align ourselves according to the ever-changing demands of the market.

Founded in 1908 in Bamberg, today the milk farm Albert is a company with 100 million euros annual turnover, a daily shipping of 680,000 kg of raw milk and 73 employees.

We are in family hand, already in the third generation.

In the 70s the dairy Albert joined the brand group frischli. Under the roof of this group, milk products of all kind are produced and sold. Beside fresh milk we also produce long-life-milk, butter, industrial cream and concentrates for the retail trade, the food industry and the export. We export our products to Italy, China, North Africa and the whole Central American area.

As an education company we train our future milk technologists (m/w) and milk economic laboratory assistants (m/w) in our own house and protect the younger generation of the branch. Furthermore we train the businesswomen or the businessmen in the wholesale and foreign trade.

People from the electronic or metal industrial sector receive a special continuing education in relation to the equipment used by us.

A well-qualified team, continual market orientation and the responsible contact with the raw milk sector turn the milk farm Albert into a successful enterprise of the milk economy.