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Upscale Training in milk farming

This particular economic branch provides excellent future prospects. An apprenticeship in the milk industry, for example towards milk laboratory assistant or milk technologists, offers trainees excellent opportunities. Since these young people have special knowledge of the sector, they have numerous advancement opportunities. With their expertise in the field of milk and their processing, graduates are highly coveted specialists in the entire food industry.

An elevated number of people work in the German milk companies to make raw milk butter, cheese and other dairy products. In doing so, they take on the most diverse tasks within the company. Occupations in the dairy industry are crisis-proof and lucrative.


Milk technologists

Milk technologists or milk processors process raw milk to various milk products such as yoghurt, butter and cheese. They plan and supervise processes in the milk processing chain right up to the packaging and storage of the products.


MIB – Milk Laboratory Assistants have a particularly important task: They ensure that no bacteria or foreign substances enter the milk and guarantee the milk´s quality: They verify that the desired percentage of fats, proteins and other ingredients are contained in the products , they also monitor the effluents of the dairy and the packaging materials, thus providing the required early warning system for problems.

Milchhof Albert GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for milk technologists as well as for dairy laboratories. A training usually takes 2.5 to 3 years. Additionally, we offer apprenticeships for a career as businessman/businesswoman in wholesale and foreign trade. Employees from electrical or metal trades receive special training from us at our machines.

We are constantly looking for interested and motivated young people. You may expect a professional team and an interesting activity with high future returns.

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